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Who we are?

Mwanawetu Books And Consultancy provides a range of services to the book industry, aiding the discovery, purchase, distribution and sales measurement.

We offer books solutions such as translation, marketing and design, book-selling, formatting help, editorial assistance, as well as print on demand services.

We support institutions, lecturers, other professionals and students.
Our products include academic and general books in electronic and in print format, as well as reference materials, and life style products.

Meet Our Team

Mwanawetu Mmuni

Sole Proprietor/ Book Author
Mwanawetu Books And Consultancy

Erick Wainaina

Book Author
Mwanawetu Books And Consultancy

Rose James

Book Author
Mwanawetu Books And Consultancy

Catherine Manda

Book Author
Mwanawetu Books And Consultancy

Our Books Services

  • Bio Book Writing

    You have a motivational figure in mind whose life has some experiences that inspire you a lot, and you want to share those experiences?, we offer a full suite of biography writing services.

  • Books And Stories Writing

    Whether it is a book that tells your story or shares your expertise or insights, or fiction that captures your readers’ imagination, our team of highly skilled and award-winning writers will fix it for you.

  • Books, Magazines, e-Books, Audio Books

    We are a Tanzania’s leading discount book seller.
    Our mission is to provide our customers with quality and innovative products, value for money and excellent services.

  • Library And Archives

    Ancient, medieval, modern, contemporary manuscript and archive materials. Collections include historical, literary, political, scientific, religious papers as well as maps, charters, seals and rolls.

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Interesting Facts

What We Do

Our main business is the publication and marketing of textbooks for the entire gamut of the educational system and the community.
Our books are ranging from nursery, primary, secondary and tertiary, life-styles, business and entreprenuership.

Keep Discovering

Mwanawetu Books And Consultancy enhance the quality of education and life in Tanzania and beyond, we offer training and development programmes, digital content provisioning and educational consultancy services.

Offering Best Services

Mwanawetu Books And Consultancy works with authors, governments and private organisations in providing resources for all levels of education.
The institution has the capacity and manpower resources to develop content tailored to the curriculums of different educational systems.

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